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Source code: strudel_0_3 keyboad parameter user_interface

Built with Processing

hier noch mal die hilfe, die man auch mit '?' bekommt.
### help for strudel 0.3

## keyboard commands
   u/i : choose the paramter
   j/k : choose the value
   m/, : choose anothe mode for the paramter 

   q/a : add/subtract 1 to the value
   w/s : add/subtract 0.1 to the value
   e/d : add/subtract 0.01 to the value

   ?   : display this help

## paramters
   contrast : for good antialiaising use 15
   ratio black and white : ratio > 1 means there is more black than white
   speed : also negativ speed is possible!
   number of stripes : more than 100 is also a good effect
   rect : connected to round
   round : connected to rect
   spiralig : hmmmmmmm,.. just test it!
   angle : you can turn the whole image!
   phase shift : phase shift of the three colors red green and blue

## modus of parameters
   u/i : choose the paramter
   constant : holds the value
   increase : constantly adds/subtracts paramter 2 to the value
   alternation : oscillation between two given points
   sinus : changes the value by the sinus
   mousex : changes the value against the vertical mouse-position
   mousey : changes the value against the horizontal mouse-position

## all bugs and errors to